Monday Tasting - Biodynamic Wines! Part One!

Wine Flight! 4 - 8pm Monday December 17th. $15 for wine and $5 for snacks. Come taste some of our favorite Biodynamic Wines!

Biodynamic wines are produced with absolute minimal intervention, resulting in some of the most intense and expressive wines imaginable. Featured this week:

IMG_3869 3.jpg

Edelzwicker Alsace Blanc

Aromatic! Floral and spicy. Juicy, lively, rich, ripe and thirst quenching. Vibrant minerality and crisp acidity. Certified biodynamic, organic, sustainable and vegan.

IMG_3867 3.jpg

Art + Science Pear Cider

Pet-Nat cider, made from pears! Notes of lemonade, mineral and tropical blossom all at once. Certified biodynamic, organic, sustainable and vegan. Drink it from a wine glass!

IMG_3560 3.jpg

Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt

Figs, juniper, ancho chile, and musk; deep, strong, woodsy, and juicy. Balanced, smooth and dry. Certified biodynamic, organic, sustainable and vegan.

Part Two of this tasting follows on Monday December 24th and will include three more of our favorites!

What is Biodynamics?

Biodynamics is an ecological and ethical approach to farming which works in rhythm with nature. A biodynamic vineyard is a self-sustaining ecosystem; a living organism that brings plants and animals together in a fertile and biologically diverse environment, resulting in products with excellent nutrition and flavor. In addition to following all the principles of organic farming, biodynamic farms and vineyards go several steps further.

Biodynamics creates vibrant biodiversity. Soils, plants and animals are provided with balanced nutrition which supports healthy immunity. A holistic approach is taken with pests and diseases, including incorporating a robust diversity of plants and creating a habitat for natural predators. (Example! Problem: slugs. / Solution: ducks. / Result: delicious escargot-enriched duck eggs!)

Biodynamics is a responsible and sustainable method of farming and winemaking which builds stronger communities, contributes to social and economic health, and offers regenerative solutions for our planet.

“Biodynamic farming is holistic land stewardship at its best. It is the highest paradigm of sustainable farming, offering one of the smallest carbon footprints of any agricultural method.” ~Demeter USA

To find biodynamic wines, look for the Demeter certification on the label.

Join us December 17th and 24th to taste some of our favorite Biodynamic wines.

Image courtesy of the Biodynamics Association

Image courtesy of the Biodynamics Association