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Join us to celebrate the New Year!

$15 wine flight + $5 for snacks!

Pouring Sparkle Motion by the glass all day. Yay!

11am-9pm December 31st!

Wine Flight:

Azimut Cava, Spain

Earthy, lemony, dry and crisp with notes of green apple and pear. Gorgeous pale yellow color. Certified organic and sustainably produced.   

Vivace, Montinore, Willamette

Fragrant! Orange blossom, lemon, honey and ginger. Ripe melon, lime zest and citrus candy. Nice structure and lasting finish. Organic, biodynamic, sustainable and vegan.

Die Leidenschaft Prickelnd Austria

Pears and cream, neroli, mineral and pecans! Bright, rich, tangy, nutty and savory. Sustainably produced and vegan with no added sulfites. “Prickelnd” means “tingly” or “sparkling” and “die leidenschaft” means “passion”! An appropriate name for a delectable bubbly made by the méthode champenoise. Super small production and absolutely beautiful. 

Extra Fancy Glass Pour:

Sparkle Motion, St. Reginald Parish

Apricot, peach, pink rose petal and cream. Nectarine zest and toasted brioche. Creamy, spicy, rich and tangy! This wine is incredible. Native yeasts and minimal intervention. 100% Pinot noir.

The crown jewel of St. Reginald Parish made from high-elevation Oregon fruit. Direct-pressed as Blanc de Noir with zero skin contact, but retaining the slightest rose color. Created by méthode champenoise from the most beautiful grapes picked by the vineyard owner.


$15 wine flight + $5 for snacks!

11am-9pm December 31st!

Gainsbarre Vin Naturel

1143 Eleventh Street

Bellingham, WA 98225

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MONDAY TASTING - Biodynamic Wines! 11am-6pm!

Join us to taste some of our favorite biodynamic wines! $15 for wine and $5 for snacks, all day Monday December 24th. Visit us during our special holiday hours below.

IMG_4084 2.jpg

Guerila, Rebula, Slovenia

Dried flowers, aromatic herbs; apricot, balsamic and honey Lively, elegant and complex. Organic, biodynamic, sustainable and vegan. 

Beurer, Pinot Noir Rosé, Germany

Mild notes of roasted tomato and spice, brown butter, pumpkin and sage! Balanced and well-rounded with clean acidity. Organic, biodynamic, sustainable and vegan. 

Ju De Vie, Grenache Blend, Rhone

Plum and black cherry, green herbs and spice with a long finish. Dark fruit and grippy tannins. Organic, biodynamic, sustainable and vegan.   

11am-6pm Monday, December 24th

$15 for wine / $5 for snacks

Free tasting with bottle purchase!

Gainsbarre Vin Naturel

1143 Eleventh Street in Bellingham

Happy Holidays!

What is Biodynamics?

Biodynamics is an ecological and ethical approach to farming which works in rhythm with nature. A biodynamic vineyard is a self-sustaining ecosystem; a living organism that brings plants and animals together in a fertile and biologically diverse environment, resulting in products with excellent nutrition and flavor. In addition to following all the principles of organic farming, biodynamic farms and vineyards go several steps further.

Biodynamics creates vibrant biodiversity. Soils, plants and animals are provided with balanced nutrition which supports healthy immunity. A holistic approach is taken with pests and diseases, including incorporating a robust diversity of plants and creating a habitat for natural predators. (Example! Problem: slugs. / Solution: ducks. / Result: delicious escargot-enriched duck eggs!)

Biodynamics is a responsible and sustainable method of farming and winemaking which builds stronger communities, contributes to social and economic health, and offers regenerative solutions for our planet.

“Biodynamic farming is holistic land stewardship at its best. It is the highest paradigm of sustainable farming, offering one of the smallest carbon footprints of any agricultural method.” ~Demeter USA

To find biodynamic wines, look for the Demeter certification on the label.

Join us December 24th to taste some of our favorite Biodynamic wines.

image courtesy of the biodynamics association

image courtesy of the biodynamics association


Christmas Eve: Open 11am-6pm / Wine Flight all day! Part two of our Biodynamic Wine Series.

Christmas Day: Closed

New Year‘s Eve: Open 11am-9pm / Sparkling Wine Flight all day!

New Years Day: Closed

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